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Video: Terrified passenger records ambulance swerving across highway centerline


Cell phone video recently shared with media shows a swerving ambulance narrowly missing oncoming cars while traveling a Southern Illinois highway.

According to KMOV News, a passenger shot the video from a trailing car that was heading north on Route 45 on Tuesday. In the video, the Clay County ambulance is seen going over the centerline on the two-lane road and then correcting back with cars approaching from the other direction.

The amateur videographer says it was a scary situation because there were stretches during the 20-minute pursuit where oncoming traffic was obstructed by topography.

“He was in the middle of the road going up the hill, and you couldn’t see the other cars coming,” Clarissa Tegenkamp tells KMOV.

Tegenkamp tells KMOV when they passed the ambulance 20 minutes later the driver was on the phone.

A spokesman for Clay County Hospital tells KMOV the hospital is aware of the video, and they’re investigating the incident.

KMOV reports Illinois law does allow drivers of emergency vehicles to use phones while performing official duties.


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