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Video: Firefighter who fell off ladder explained


A shocking video from this weekend showing a firefighter falling off a ladder has been given a little more background.

Recorded by WJET-TV, the video depicts a Pennsylvania firefighter falling from a ladder, hitting his comrade below.

Chief J. Joseph Crotty of the Lawrence Park VFD posted a message on Facebook to set the story straight. According to the Chief, Crotty’s daughter Megan was at the bottom of the ladder and suffered a concussion from the collision.

“As seen on a video report from WJETV news, at the end of the clip covering the fire, it shows a firefighter getting propelled from a ground ladder & landing on another firefighter at the base / butt of the ladder,” Crotty said. “These were our firefighters. The young man that fell was just coming out of a ladder lock, attempting to reposition on the ladder, unbeknownst to him the nozzle was partially open. Just as he was resetting, a surge of pressure threw him off the ladder. He landed on another firefighter at base / butt of the ladder. Both firefighters are OK. The firefighter struck was my daughter Megan. She took quite a hit. She was taken to the hospital and had a CT scan that thankfully was negative, she does however have concussion. The SCBA on the firefighter that fell struck Megan’s helmet and destroyed it. Thank God for the helmet it did its job. Lessons learned by all involved.”

The firefighter who lost control of his hose has not been identified as of yet.

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