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Thousands of acres burn in matter of hours as California fire crews struggle to evacuate


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A fire in California has burned thousands of acres in a matter of hours, causing a panicked evacuation in Butte County.

Fire crews are working hand-in-hand with the Butte County Sheriff’s department to evacuate personnel from the Paradise area, though lanes have reportedly become congested to the point that evacuees are in danger of being caught up as the fire sweeps towards them.

Local scanner traffic also reveals that four civilians are trapped at the Adventist Health center at Feather River, and that children are in danger at a preschool.

“Hospital surrounded by fire,” one dispatcher said, “[Victims] say they are trapped in the basement.”

“Relay to Paradise PD that we want to shelter people in place at the hospital if we can,” one deputy responded.

One emergency vehicle reported getting hit by an unknown driver as chaos swept over the scene.

“My car just got hit!” he shouted into the mic. “I don’t know by who.”

Other units reported over 2,000 acres burned in the matter of hours, and orders have been given to cut the power for the entire city of Paradise.

“I’m on Wagstaff,” one first responder said. “We’re getting overrun here.”

Air units have been dispatched, and certain roads have been closed to all but emergency personnel.

The situation is ongoing.

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