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Things That Piss You Off in the Firehouse


Those of us that are married or live with a significant other understand that the little things after years can become annoying.  Those little things at home like leaving the toilet seat up, or not turning of the hallway light can be annoying after the 100th time.


Well when you live in the fire station, things work the same way.  What might seem like a little thing can become pretty annoying if it’s done enough times.


In most fire stations there is a set time that evening clean-up is completed.  When the same guy gets a phone call every night at clean-up time the rest of the crew gets pretty annoyed.  Even if that guy says it’s just coincidence it doesn’t really matter.


Traditionally in the fire house, the senior man or the highest ranking individual gets the television pick. When that senior guy has some selfish of terrible picks, the rest of the crew gets pissed. Hours and hours of Fox News is enough to get on anyone’s nerves.


A logical person will share the control of the television, but we are not all logical and some are downright dictators with the remote.


One thing on the top of my list of aggravations is the guy that needs to sit in the same seat. Nothing gets under my skin faster than a person from another shift asking what seats are open.


Are you serious that we need to sit in the same spot every day?  Oh yeah, some guys are insane about their seat.  I like to stir that spot and sit in different seats just to see how the rest of the people squirm when they don’t know where to sit.


When the phone rings, the new guys is expected to answer it.  In the normal world, the phone is answered within a couple rings. In the firehouse, the senior guys like to show some power by expecting the new guys to answer the phone on the first ring.


There is no reason for this, it’s just some guys on a power trip.  I was in charge of three new guys one day and the phone rang.  The three of them almost tripped over each other running for the phone.


After that near miss, I told them we were going to have a drill.  The next time the phone rang, no one was to move and we were going to learn that if you don’t answer the phone, the world doesn’t stop.  Just as the phone rang, the two biggest phone jerks walked in and saw the three sitting at the table not moving.  As they glared at the three new guys, I told them we were learning there are more important things to do than answer the phone.  This was the station non-emergency line, not the 911 phone.


I could go on and on with these but you get the idea and I’m sure you have a bunch of your own.  You might agree with me or you might be the guy that makes new guys run to the phone.  It’s all fine, it’s just a part of living together.

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