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Texas fire department forced to abandon fire station due to mold


Source: Red Rock Fire Dept. Facebook

Texas firefighters in Round Rock are getting sick, thanks to moldy conditions.

The Central Fire Station of the Round Rock Fire Department has led to firefighters suffering from serious sinus and respiratory illnesses.

“We’ve had roof leaks ever since I’ve been there in our dorm rooms,” firefighter Wayne Pietzsch said. “So there’s always been roof leaks.”

According to KXAN, air testing revealed the men were getting sick because of high mold concentrations.

“Guys were waking up with headaches every morning, not that they wouldn’t go to the doctor,” Pietzsch explained. “Just because they would push through for work for the citizens of Round Rock, yet not feeling 100 percent.”

A spokesman for the City of Round Rock said the city spent $15,000 to remove the mold, which took about two months to complete. In addition, the roof has been repaired.

Despite the work, people kept getting sick. In response, the department decided to abandon the station and split the men among other stations until the situation can resolve the matter permanently.

“It’s one of those things, you don’t know who it’s going to affect,” Fire Chief Robert Isbell said. “Folks with allergies or that sort of thing, that’s the part that’s hard to track, but we did have folks that were sick at times. For that reason and the reason it was a work zone, we decided to move out.”

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