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Michigan firefighter walking 140 miles in full gear to raise money for firefighters in need


A Michigan firefighter from Macomb Township is walking 140 miles to Grand Rapids in full gear, hoping to raise money for firefighters with cancer.

Joe Warne is currently trudging his way to Grand Rapids, wearing 65 pounds of equipment, ranging from bunker gear to his air pack.

“Our bunker coat — our bunker pants… our hats our gloves — when you add the pack it’s an extra 30 so it’s about 65 total,” he told WXYZ on Tuesday.

Warne will also carry the U.S. flag, in hopes to draw attention to the cause.

“When people see this guy wearing all this gear, carrying an American flag, what’s going on — we can let the public know we’re not just in danger on our jobs,” he said.

Through his charity, Neighbors United, he has raised tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to help everyone from sick children to people unable to pay bills.

This time, however, it’s about the firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer.

“I know there’s been some state money that’s been made available, but we know there’s always a need for more and firefighters are the last people to ever say they need help.” he said.

The firefighter will walk around 30 to 40 miles per day, only stopping to hydrate and swap shoes. He plans on arriving in Grand Rapids on Saturday, only to return to work on Sunday.

Those willing to donate can find a link at the Neighbors United Facebook donation page.

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