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Men testify their lack of trust working with pregnant firefighter


Florida firefighters who worked with a female firefighter -who is currently suing the City of Tampa- claim they were not only uncomfortable working with her while she was pregnant, they saw her performance plummet during the gestation period.

In the eyes of TFR employee Andre Williams, fellow firefighter Tanja Vidovic was a stellar firefighter prior to becoming pregnant.

“She was a strong, hard worker,” Williams told the jury in U.S. District Court.

However, her third pregnancy in 2015 saw a change in her, reflected by the repeated transfer requests of men like Williams, who no longer felt like they could count on Vidovic.

“Our lives depend on our captain, our driver and our firefighter,” Williams said. “I know that the firefighter I was working with at the time could not perform her duties.”

Williams testified that Vidovic took on light-duty roles in the field, doing little work while still putting herself in harm’s way.

Vidovic made her fellow crewmembers uncomfortable, be it working during her third trimester, demanding her own bathroom or waking in on the men in the locker room.

According to Tampa Bay Times, the hearing resumed earlier this morning, in it’s fourth week of proceedings.

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