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Man arrested for slashing 58 tires and setting a house on fire


Texas man was arrested after setting fire to a Southside Austin residence and slashing over 58 tires on Tuesday morning.

30-year-old Jason T. Barclae was charged with criminal mischief and arson after admitting to his crimes in a South Austin neighborhood.

Barclae set fire to the unoccupied residence, later telling police that “he was fed up with his job and neighbors” and that he “wanted to make sure he went back to prison.”

According to My Statesman, Austin Fire Rescue quickly responded to the house fire, ensuring that no one was home and putting out the blaze.

Barclae’s arson was pre-planned: not wanting to hurt anyone, he cased the residence for quite some time before making his move.

The prison-bound arsonist caused over $60,000 in damage to the home, as well as racking up around $5,800 in damages from his slashing spree. He is currently being held in the Travis County Jail.

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