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Krispy Kreme delivered dozens of doughnuts to LPD after the viral Krispy Kreme truck fire


The Lexington Police officers who displayed their emotional scars when a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck caught fire in their Kentucky city have become celebrities in their own right, and have been rewarded by the doughnut company.

The now-famous Twitter post -which has over 39,559 retweets- showed officers distraught when they had to oversee the recovery of a Krispy Kreme truck that had caught fire on New Year’s Eve.

LPD received humorous outpour of support from local law enforcement agencies, ranging from New York to the midwest and beyond.

Not one to look away from their number one customers, Krispy Kreme delivered dozens upon dozens of doughnuts on Wednesday to thank LPD for their service, bringing in the glazed goods under a watchful police escord.

Lexington PD Officer Kyle Mounce, who had been featured in one of the photos, was amazed at how a simple joke became something so wonderful.

“I’m totally shocked at how it’s taken off,” he said. “It came about as just sharing it with co-workers…and it’s blown up from there. I can’t believe it.”

According to Kentucky.com, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Dave Skena was more than happy to play along with the joke, as he appreciated how the police handled the vehicle fire.

“Seeing their post, the logical reaction was to bring comfort to them in their time of sorrow, and the only kind of comfort we know is with great, delicious doughnuts” he said. “That’s what we can do to ease their pain.”

The truck fire resulted in no injuries and no doughnut casualties- at least that we know of.

For Mounce, the Twitter and Facebook posts were a good way to show the community that police are no different than they are.

“Every officer I know, we all have a great sense of humor. We just don’t get to share it often because our encounters with the public often don’t call for humor,” Mounce said. “This was a great way to bring smiles to people’s faces and make people laugh.”

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