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Jaw-dropping Brazilian firefighter heats up Rio’s Carnival


A 29-year-old firefighter in Brazil traded in her uniform for a flamboyant costume as she became the star of Carnival’s Samba performance.

After speaking with her husband (who also serves on the department) and getting approval from her fire unit, Flavia Lyra promised that she would be dressed classily and would not embarrass her beloved department.

“I made it clear to my bosses that I would not be naked or be covered in body paint or wear a tiny patch that only concealed my private parts,” Ms Lyra revealed to the Daily Mail.

Lyra, who admits she loves Carnival, dominated the Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school.

While she nearly ran into trouble with her employers when they found out about her dance plans, she ultimately got the go-ahead and has since won the hearts of many in Rio De Janeiro.

Interestingly enough, the firefighter of eight years told her husband he wasn’t allowed to watch, as it would have made her nervous.

“Although he supports what I do, he is very jealous and would be getting more and more worked up with the level of attention this position attracts,” Lyra revealed. “I’m used to posing and taking lots of pictures, but Fernando is always afraid that some men will verbally disrespect me or touch me. So I told him to come along after I’d finished.”

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