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It’s okay to be a hero


The other day I posted this on Facebook:

“Someone passed out at work. Got vitals, history, a basic assessment and passed the info to the medics. Now I’m everyone’s hero. I’ll take it.”

(To clarify, I’m an on call firefighter. I have a day job working in an office.)

As you could imagine I got a lot of compliments from family and friends outside the Fire/EMS community. I also got some well wishes from some of my Fire buddies.

I did get a few “don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back” type of comments from my Fire/EMS friends, which, I fully expected. And that got me thinking. We all seem to post these things on social media saying be sure to thank first responders, and when people do thank us, we usually play it off like it’s no big deal.

Well it is a big deal. It’s a big deal for the people we help, and it should be a big deal for us. So many of these calls become routine to us. But for the patients, their family and friends, it is a big deal. And so often we just go on with our lives, we move on because we are professionals and that’s what we do. And we should.

But every now and then it does feel good to get a little praise. To have someone pat you on the back or give you a hug and say thanks.

Let’s face it, we see a lot of things that are hard to deal with.

So the next time someone gives you a hug and says thanks, or calls you a hero, hug them back and say you’re welcome.

We got into this job because we want to help people. It’s okay to feel good about that every now and then. It’s what keeps us doing it.

So be humble, be safe, be diligent, and every now and then it’s okay to be a hero.

Contributed by:

Bill Musilli


New Haven Fire Rescue

New Haven, Michigan

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