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Huge Effort, Tireless Work and a Thank You


Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary said one year on: “Everyone in the service is rightly proud of the huge effort made by the fire crews and officers who worked to the point of exhaustion fighting the Buncefield fire. These tireless efforts were above and beyond the call of duty while working in very difficult and trying conditions.

“The fire crews who arrived from all over the country in support worked for many days away from their families, having left with no notice. They have asked me to thank Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service, the Salvation Army and Tesco for providing the food and hot drinks that helped keep them going.

“The crews from many other brigades recognize that their colleagues back in their home brigades, sometimes hundreds of miles away, worked hard to fill in for their absence. They have also not forgotten the welcome, kindnesses and great encouragement shown by the people of Hemel Hempstead.

“The unsung heroes are those who work in Hertfordshire’s emergency fire control room who work at the heart of the brigade. With the Service under incredible pressure, the Hertfordshire emergency fire control room expertly marshaled the emergency resources to deal with Buncefield and they also handled hundreds of other emergency incidents to help ensure everyone in Hertfordshire was safe.

“Herts fire crews were not only at Buncefield, but providing cover across the county, often short-handed, for long hours and at great personal risk. As always, they showed they are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect their communities.”

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