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Footage shows terror of San Francisco gas explosion


A construction crew in San Francisco inadvertently created an example of what the portal to Hell might look like after a gas line explosion opened up the street and caused flames to burn nearby buildings to the ground.

The explosion was reported yesterday afternoon, after the workers accidentally hit a gas line, causing a fireball and lingering fire that damaged five buildings within the vicinity.

Over 300 people lost natural gas and 235 lost power. Restoration efforts were hampered by the complexity of the grid.

Locals described the event as being akin to a bomb going off.

“I was going through an intersection and I heard a small explosion like something behind me, and I looked up and saw people in front of me just screaming and yelling, and I turned around at that point and I saw flames coming toward me. I actually thought it was a bomb for a second,” witness Micheal Comstock said.

ABC 7 reported that around 120 firefighters responded to the scene, eventually getting the situation under control

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