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Florida animal sanctuary catches fire, killing over 30 animals


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An animal sanctuary in Florida was engulfed by flames early monday morning, leaving several animals dead and the sanctuary owner homeless.

The Orange County Fire Rescue Service was dispatched to the Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary in Orange County at around 1AM, where they found devastation and carnage beyond belief.

The sanctuary belonged to Jim Bronzo, who also lived at the establishment, was sleeping when he was alerted to the fire by the squawking of distressed peacocks.

“I had no clothes on, no phone, no nothing,” Bronzo said. “I couldn’t even call for help, I couldn’t find my phone. I ran up to get the dogs out and I screamed at them, they got scared and they all scattered.”

Neighbor Denis Moredo reported an “explosion,” followed by wild animals fleeing for their lives.

“All of the sudden I see these flames just blazing up 30 feet high. And I went out with my dad. Our first instinct was to go see if the owner was OK,” Moredo said.

Around 30 animals are believed to have died in the fire, with a total of 41 unaccounted for by noon.

“All of them are gone. They’re all burnt. Everything is gone. His home is gone. He ran out of the house with just himself,” said neighbor Rose Arnemann.

According to WFTV, a crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to assist the sanctuary in rebuilding, with over $38,000 raised so far.

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