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Florida 11-year-old left with 2nd degree burns, home destroyed after attempting the ‘fire challenge’


A Florida girl was left with serious burns after she set her home on fire with a candle- all for social media attention.

The unnamed 11-year-old from Pinellas County sustained the injuries two weeks ago, after she lit a candle in her bedroom.

Three other people were in the house at the time of the fire, and all escaped with their lives.

The girl, who sustained second-degree burns, was rushed to Tampa General hospital and faces a long and painful recovery.

Family members and law enforcement were shocked to learn the girl set herself on fire as part of the “fire challenge,” which involves filming individuals igniting themselves after dousing their bodies in fast-burning accerants, such as hand sanitizer.

According to Fox 13, fire officials warned against doing the shocking “challenge.”

“It does surprise you that anybody would attempt it or even try to do it because there are dangers,” said St. Petersburg Fire Rescue Deputy Fire Marshall, Lt. Steven Lawrence. “Common sense says don’t pour a flammable liquid on yourself and then ignite it.”

Lawrence did not mince words when it came to describing what happens when people set themselves on fire with accelerants.

“What it’s gonna do is it’s gonna heat up your skin and eventually the alcohol is gonna burn off, but it’s also gonna destroy your skin tissue and the areas around that, it’s gonna start to heat up and basically you’re gonna melt your own skin and cook your own skin,” explained Lawrence.

In the end, the “fire challenge” is a really bad idea.

“One hundred percent, don’t attempt it,” he said. “Obviously you’re not only gonna injure yourself or others, potentially you’re gonna lose everything in the house or your home or wherever you’re attempting to do this.”

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