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Firefighter shares ways to stay alert in bad weather


Capt. Scott Thompson of the Northeast Nelson Fire Protection District wants Nelson Countains to be aware of how to stay safe and prepare for severe weather.

Thompson was advocating his desire for public safety and awareness at the Bloomfield branch of the Nelson County Public Library Friday morning to a small group of locals.

Thompson said one of the reasons the discussion came was an article in The Kentucky Standard earlier this year. Thompson said it’s important for people to be aware of severe weather and pay attention to issued storm warnings and watches.

“A lot of people get complacent, and we’ve gotten into a little bit of complacency here with severe weather and with tornados because we haven’t had that much stuff,” he said.

Some of the tips Thompson gave for a thunderstorm included that lighting does strike twice, and that you should not take a shower or wash your hands while the storm is going on, as lightning can strike metal plumbing pipes, which can serve as a conductor for electricity.

In the case of flooding, Thompson encouraged his audience to not drive across flooded roadways. He mentioned that he frequently sees motorists in and around Bloomfield try to drive over roadways that are flooded.

Thompson even recalled a time when he and his department associates rescued a woman from her car that was stranded on Ky. 55.

Thompson, who also works with the public works department of Bloomfield, works on distributing small pamphlets from FEMA about how to prepare for severe weather. He also encouraged his audience to download weather monitoring and emergency notification phone applications, such as CodeRED.

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