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Firefighter responds to harrowing crash involving his wife and children


A North Carolina firefighter responded to a call involving a mother and children hit by an overdose suspect, only to find that the family in question was his own.

Last month, High Point Firefighter Dustin Reid was horrified to discover that the Jeep his wife and two children were inside were struck by a pickup truck, after the truck’s driver -identified as Kenneth Gordon- allegedly overdosed while driving.

The impact was so great, it caused the Jeep to spin out and flip into a ditch.

According to Reid, the situation was “any firefighter’s worst dream. To see your wife and kids and the vehicle that badly smashed.”

Fortunately for the firefighter, his family walked away from the incident unscathed, but shaken.

“We’re very blessed, my kids they were fine, not a scratch,” Reid told Fox 8.

Gordon -who was arrested and charged with felony child abuse in 2017- was also uninjured in the crash and will likely face charges.

According to witnesses, Gordon was going fast and could be seen acting odd.

“He ran through the light, he almost hit us,” the witness told 911 operators. “He jumped on the highway haulin’ boogie, and then he smacked this lady and put her in the woods. And now he’s saying that he had a seizure, but he’s actually ODing.”

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