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Firefighter in harassment suit threatened to kill fellow firefighters 3 times


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A Muslim FDNY firefighter threatened to “kill everyone in the firehouse” multiple times on the grounds of hazing by his fellow firefighters- and he was given $224,000 in a lawsuit settlement from the city.

Raheem Hassan made the threats to his supervisor, Lieutenant David Hughes, in December of 2017, following a series of pranks and hazings, which allegedly included cooking his food with bacon grease and boarding school-style practical jokes involving genitalia.

Despite the severity of the threat, Hughes did not call the police, instead alerting the Counseling Services Unit.

“I don’t want him arrested. He needs psychological help,” Hughes is reported to have said.

When questioned by the CSU, Hassan repeated the threat, and then told the NYPD the same thing after they were forced to get involved.

Charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment, Hassan was granted a plea deal by the Staten Island DA and his charge was dismissed in six months.

While Hughes allegedly settled with Hassan for $1,000 in order to avoid a prolonged legal battle, he denied wrongdoing and is backed by his union.

“Lt. Hughes did absolutely nothing wrong and acted properly,” said Jake Lemonda, president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association

According to the NY Post, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoran ruled that Hughes did not violate any policy by reporting Hassan.

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