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Firefighter finds second baby in dropbox at the station


An Indiana firefighter credits his paternal instincts for his quick response when a baby was left in a drop box at the fire station.

“There was a medical alarm at the fire station, which means that someone opened the baby box,” said Coolspring Volunteer Fire Department Lieutenant Chuck Kohler. “I live right around the corner from the fire station so I was there in about 30 seconds.”

The 37-year-old department member -who had been with the department since he was thirty- knew immediately what to do when he arrived.

“When I went inside I could hear the baby crying,” he said. “I opened the door to where the box is and I found the baby in there.”

Throwing on a pair of nitride gloves, he quickly got to work.

“My father instincts kicked in. I wanted to make sure the baby was okay,” he told People. “I checked to make sure the umbilical cord wasn’t bleeding, and that the baby wasn’t injured. After I figured out it was okay, I just held it until the paramedics came.”

Under Indiana law, a baby can be surrendered anonymously at a medical facility, police or fire station without fear of arrest or prosecution.

While the “Baby Box” device (which have alarms that activate and a heating and cooling unit in them for extreme weather) is an odd-looking addition to the station, the CVFD box has been used twice, the first time being only five months ago.

“You can’t judge anybody for doing this,” the Lieutenant said. “This is a wonderful thing. It’s a great alternative for what could’ve happened to the baby. We want to thank the mother for making this decision as hard as it was.”

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