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Firefighter charged with making dozens of fake 911 calls, then stole from station while everyone was away


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A former Rhode Island firefighter was arraigned on Monday after he allegedly made over a dozen false 911 calls, which he used as a diversion in order to steal from fire stations.

Kyle Cusick pleaded not guilty to making the false calls, which he allegedly made in order to steal from fire stations that were left unattended when the units were dispatched to the false emergencies.

Unfortunately for Cusick, he lacked the foresight to make the calls from payphones, and local authorities eventually discovered he was a firefighter.

According to the Providence Journal, a deputy fire chief on the department knew Cusick since childhood and confirmed that the social media profile matching Cusick’s cellphone number was legitimate.

Cusick had a known substance abuse problem and was hired despite a history of “abusing pills,” due to his father being a retired firefighter. He had spent only two years with the agency and was urged by the firefighter’s union to seek help.

As an employee, Cusick had access to every fire station in town, and some had suspected him of being the one making the calls.

Cusick has been charged with fifteen counts of reporting a false alarm, which could land him fifteen years in a correctional facility. He was terminated on January 25, around the time of his arrest.

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