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Fire union boss suspended indefinitely


A Brownsville firefighter who was the union boss of the local chapter was suspended indefinitely Friday in the midst of negotiating a three-year contract with the city. Marco Longoria, who headed the Brownsville Firefighters Association Local 970, was let go without pay after serving his second 15-day unpaid suspension this year, according to city officials.

Despite expiring Oct. 1, the current agreement remains in effect while negotiations continue. The effect of Longoria’s departure on the negotiations was unclear. Longoria said a higher ranking firefighter had written him up for a dress code violation, which he protested. Longoria said Fire Chief Lenny Perez fired him after conducting a brief investigation of the argument.

“The chief has taken my work with the association too personally,” Longoria said.

Perez said he couldn’t discuss Longoria’s suspension because it was personnel-related.

Longoria has criticized Perez’ management style and disciplinary tactics and whether they conform to the fire/EMS contract, which specifies a scaled response rather than an immediate, tough one.

“There’s no consultation. There’s no progressive disciplinary action,” union trustee Jorge Lerma previously said.

Placed on “indefinite suspension,” Longoria said he would begin working Monday for an ambulance company in Hidalgo County but was prepared to challenge his suspension in court — a process he estimates will take more than a year.

“The chief has really made a point of targeting people who defend their rights,” he said.

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