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Fire captain suffers injuries when transient man causes fire truck to crash into ambulance


A fire captain in California suffered a minor injury early Wednesday when his foot became pinned between a fire truck and an ambulance.

Acting Captain Jeff Brunson’s story highlights the unknown risks first responders face on a daily basis.

KRCR News reports around 3 a.m., the Chico Fire Department and an ambulance responded to a report of a man having trouble breathing in Chico. Fire crews said when they arrived, they saw the man assaulting two medics.

The man, KRCR reports police identifies as Roy Brown, 45, began to run, so Chico firefighters called police and slowly followed him. Brown was running in the middle of the street, then abruptly turned around and ran directly toward the fire engine. According to crews Brown then opened the driver door, pulling firefighter Ken Smith from the truck.

Another firefighter, Craig Cox, egressed the ladder truck from its backseat tackling Brown and freeing Smith.

“My parking brake was not set and I was moving,” Smith tells KRCR. “At that time, I started hearing crunching, glass breaking and screaming from my company officer, who sits on the right side.”

That company officer was Brunson — who was exiting the ladder truck from the passenger side when it collided with the parked ambulance, pinning his foot.

“When you have a 72,000 pound ladder truck continuing to move and you realize that because the tire is rolling past your face, your anxiety might elevate a little bit,” Smith explained for KRCR.

Once freed from Browns’ grasp, Smith was able to jump back into the engine — placing it in reverse to free Brunson’s foot from being pinned between the two, emergency vehicles.

KRCR reports Brunson was taken to Enloe Medical Center and treated for his lower leg injuries. He did not have any broken bones and was later released.

Brown will be charged with three counts of battery on emergency workers and carjacking, according to KRCR.


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