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Ex-Firefighter sues to stop mosque


A New York justice indicated he will look closely at the issue of standing when he rules on a former firefighter’s effort to prevent a mosque near Ground Zero. Lawyers for Timothy Brown have asked the State Supreme Court to overturn the city’s decision to withhold landmark protection for a building two blocks from the spot where the World Trade Center once stood, The New York Times reported.

Brown sued the city last month charging the landmark commission had been unfairly influenced by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who supports the right of the owner to build an Islamic center and mosque.

At a hearing Tuesday before Justice Paul G. Feinman, lawyers for the city charged Brown lacked special standing to question the decision since he does not live near ground zero.

His lawyer countered that the former firefighter took part in the rescue effort following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center.

Feinman signaled during oral arguments he would look closely at the issue of standing before ruling on the lawsuit.

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