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Emergency responder hit by dump truck while on scene


A Pennsylvania Firefighter in Tunkhannock was hit by a dump truck while responding to an incident, according to authorities.

According to WNEP, residents were shocked that Kunkle Volunteer Fireman Edward Nulton was hit and seriously injured.

“Pretty surprising but at the same time, this intersection is pretty bad, like I’ve seen people go in the wrong direction, out the wrong direction. Going too fast. Taking corners too fast,” said Brian Durling.

PA State Troopers say the firefighter was hit while rerouting traffic, attempting to divert vehicles away from a van accident.

“There has been multiple accidents at this intersection and one time a vehicle hit my building,” said Dr. Lynn D’Alessandro.

The Kunkle Fire Company released a statement on social media, asking for support for their downed firefighter.

“Asking prayers for our fellow firefighter who was badly injured in at an accident scene today,” they wrote.

The incident is being investigated.

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