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Controlled burn exercise almost goes wrong, firefighters get a face full of flames


A training fire in North Carolina nearly went horribly wrong after two firefighters entering from the roof were engulfed in a flashover.

Salisbury Fire Chief Nick Martin recounted the harrowing event, which he referred to as “awesome learning, with realistic scenarios and no injuries.”

The aging structure, reportedly built in the 1900s, was set on fire by live burn instructors earlier this month.

During the training operation, firefighters made their way up the stairs in order to perform a simulated rescue, as two other firefighters made their way to the roof.

As the hose team reached the top of the stairs, a flash swallowed the two firefighters on the roof through the upstairs window.

“My perspective is that old paint and wall covering from this early 1900’s house off-gassed and reached an ignitable mixture at the front porch window, resulting in essentially a vent-point ignition,” Martin wrote on Facebook.

The firefighters were unharmed and continued training that day, partaking in six additional live burns.

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