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Cave diver who helped save trapped Thai youth soccer team needs to be rescued himself


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The British cave diver who helped rescue a Thai youth soccer team from a cave in 2018 was rescued from a similar situation in Tennessee on Wednesday night.

Josh Bratchley was rescued from the Mill Pond Cave, located sixty-five miles northeast of Nashville in Jackson County.

Bratchley’s rescuer was none other than Edd Sorenson, an experienced cave diver from Florida, who is dispatched quite frequently for dangerous cave extractions.

The British diver was reportedly found in good shape and did not require medical treatment.

According to NBC News, Sorenson feared that Bratchley could not have survived such cold temperatures, despite lauding him as a “professional.”

“Most of the time on rescues, when I get there, they’re hysterical, they’re panicked, and that makes it very dangerous for me,” he said. “Putting people in body bags all the time is no fun, and when you get to send one home, it’s an exceptional feeling.”

Bratchley was with a small team of British divers who have been exploring the cave system for two or three days.

Rescuers praised Bratchley for being observant on his prior dives, noting the location of air pockets that ultimately saved his life.

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