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Boston firefighter terminated over ‘disturbing’ social media posts


Boston firefighter was fired after making some questionable comments on social media.

BFD employee Octavius Rowe threw away fifteen years with the department last month after he was fired, though he plans to appeal the city’s decision.

“There is long and, I would say, storied battle with extreme, disparate disciplinary practices within the Boston Fire Department,” he said. “And my case is just the latest in that line.”

A member of a black and Latino advocacy group for firefighters, Rowe was placed on administrative leave following reports of several questionable social media posts- including one image depicting a man holding a bloody severed head with the caption “Nat Turner’s Revenge.”

Rowe’s group is known as the Boston Society of Vulcans.

The now ex-firefighter is claiming he’s a victim of discrimination and has the backing of advocacy groups, who claim that it was “discriminatory for BFD to discipline Mr. Rowe for his social media activity while failing to discipline White firefighters for similar activity.”

According to The Boston Globe, Rowe was fired along the same timeline as two others members, both of which involved sexual assault.

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