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Firefighter rescues woman from balcony of burning apartment, one firefighter injured

A number of people in Pennsylvania are without a home after an apartment fire tore through the building.

Two arrested for stealing property from Thomas Fire victims

A man and a woman have been arrested after police found stolen property from a family, who's house burned down during the Thomas Fire, inside a their storage unit.

After months of pushing Escambia firefighters get their wish, the County...

The trouble in the Florida Panhandle seems to have come to an end. Just days after the Escambia County Fire Department’s union unanimously passed a vote of no confidence against the county public safety director, he has decided to resign.

South Carolina bill would require EMS to report every use of...

A bill being discussed in South Carolina's Congress would require every EMS or first responder to report when an overdose reversal drug, like Narcan, is used.

Firefighter attempts to set Guineess World Record by running half-marathon in...

Ryan Robeson knew there was one element, completely out of his control, that could hamper his attempt to set a Guinness world record for running the sixth annual Scranton Half Marathon in full firefighter gear.

Firefighters pull couple to safety after utility pole falls on their...

Moments after a pole landed in the middle of Linda and Tom Cook’s Ford Edge, Tom called out to his wife to see if she was OK.

People run to safety after major fire starts inside an airport...

An Owerri International Airport terminal caught fire on Monday sending dozens of people running out seeking safety from the smoke.

Police searching for man who set apartment lobby on fire

Police are searching for a man who lit a Bronx apartment lobby on fire.

Four injured, including firefighter, as three buildings burn

A large blaze injured two people and heavily damaged two neighboring apartment buildings in Oceanside on Saturday, displacing about 30 tenants, authorities said.

Ohio firefighters perform high-rise rescue after crane operator’s arm is partially...

Firefighters in Cincinnati made a daring rescue 300 feet in the air after a crane operator had his arm partially severed.