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3 Iron Aids in Golf Course Lake Rescue


A golf course security guard likely owes his life to two quick thinking employees and a 3-iron. Willie James Joyner, 52, drove off a road and into a lake near the 12th hole of the Oldfield Golf Club on Tuesday night, state Highway Patrol Cpl. Paul Brouthers said.

Two golfers ran to the clubhouse, telling employee Eddie Johnson a guard had crashed into the lake. He ran to the water and dove in after finding out no one had come to the surface.

Johnson found the truck, but the doors were locked. That’s when head pro Jon Hundley threw a 3-iron into the water.

Johnson went back under, smashing the passenger side window. By then Hundley had joined him in the water. They found Joyner’s leg in the murky water and pulled him through the window. Johnson cut his hand during the rescue.

Joyner was in the water for eight minutes and remains on life support at a Savannah, Ga., hospital, said Jim Macolly, director of security for the golf course.

Johnson said he isn’t a hero, and credited his training during 27 years as a firefighter.

“The biggest thing is that we at least gave (Joyner) a chance,” Johnson said. “I was just thankful for the opportunity to do that.”

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