One injured, 10 people displaced as house is destroyed by fire

Boston firefighters rescued two people from a burning home in Roslindale Wednesday evening.

Cave diver who helped save trapped Thai youth soccer team needs...

The British cave diver who helped rescue a Thai youth soccer team from a cave in 2018 was rescued from a similar situation in Tennessee on Wednesday night.

Waterfall rescue: Two college students swept away by strong currents at...

Two South Carolina students had to be pulled to shore after they both got swept up by strong floodwaters after jumping off a popular North Carolina waterfall.

Florida firefighters working to control 300 acre wildfire

The Florida Forest Service battled a 300-acre brush fire on Wednesday in Brevard County.

College professor caught with gas, lighters inside historic NYC cathedral

A man lugging two gasoline cans strode into historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown on Wednesday — along with an accelerant and a couple of lighters — and was collared by two NYPD counter-terrorism officers, cop sources said.

28 dead after tourist bus plunges off the road in Portugal

A bus carrying German tourists plunged off the side of a cliff-side road and has killed 28 people after it crashed onto it's side.

Man beats his wife, shoots and kills his neighbor, and then...

An assault that led to a shooting and a standoff at a burning home left two men dead and a woman injured Tuesday afternoon on the South Side.

Paris Fire Brigade chaplain called a hero after running into Notre...

While substantial damage was certainly done in the Monday, April 15 fire that had the world's attention, firefighters have declared the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris salvaged and its most precious relics safe.

Former ‘Volunteer Fire Chief of the year’ avoids jail time after...

In the years leading up to David Freda's 2017 arrest by Hernando County Sheriff's deputies, word circulated of tawdry goings-on in the volunteer fire department he ran in Hernando Beach: reports of sex and drinking in the station, complaints about shoddy or nonexistent emergency service, missed audits and allegations of stolen and misspent taxpayer money.

Two construction workers dead after trench collapses in on them

Two workers died when a 15-foot deep trench collapsed on them Tuesday in Windsor.