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New Zealand Wildfire FireFighter News

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More New Zealand Firefighters Leave For Australia Bushfire Battle

A new contingent of 57 New Zealand firefighters flied to Australia on Wednesday to help out in the bushfire battle. New Zealand Civil Defence Minister...

5 March, 2009 | Written By Xinhua News Agency - CEIS

NZ Firefighters To Return, But More Wanted

About 40 New Zealand firefighters will return from Victoria this week, but Australia is asking for a second group to continue the battle. Most of the...

3 March, 2009 | Written By Brown Giles

Fire Not Out

The six-day blaze that scorched 740ha of land above Lake Wakatipu has yet to be declared out officially. Queenstown Lake...

25 March, 2008 | Written By The Press

Rural Blazes Subdued By Firefighters

Two rural fires in Otago and Canterbury are under control. Department of Conservation (DOC) workers were yesterday extin...

27 February, 2008 | Written By The Press

Wind Fans Blaze South Island Fires

A fire, fanned by strong north-westerly winds, stretched for up to 1km near Rakaia yesterday. Local fire crews arrived a...

25 February, 2008 | Written By The Press

Hill Fires Threaten Homes - Police Suspect Arson

Arson is suspected in two fires that raged in the hills above Christchurch yesterday. The largest of the fires, in Heath...

8 February, 2008 | Written By Dan Silkstone

Bushfires Rage On Public Land

Fire crews have been battling large bush fires for more than two days on public conservation land. The Department of Con...

2 February, 2008 | Written By Felicity Rookes

Helicopters Help Fight Fires

Four Palmerston North helicopters are filling in for absent rain clouds, dousing fires in the Chatham Islands and Blenhe...

3 December, 2007 | Written By Evening Standard

Scrub Fire Puts Forest At Risk

Firefighters spent two hours battling a blaze believed to have been started by fireworks in the Spooner Range Monday nig...

7 November, 2007 | Written By Nelson Mail

Emergency Services Are Still Battling The Bush Fires At Waihopai

Emergency services are still battling the bush fires at Waihopai, near Blenheim. Authorities say even though the fires a...

26 March, 2007 | Written By NZCity

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