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Off-duty Lake Firefighter Saves Drowning 4-year-old Girl
Off-duty Lake firefighter saves drowning 4-year-old girl
May 23, 2015


Firefighter Accused Of Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands From Orphans
Firefighter accused of stealing hundreds of thousands from orphans
May 22, 2015

From 1999 through 2011, Hope Children’s Home was the victim of a part time worker embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars away from these needy ch...

Cab Driver Saves Family Caught In House Fire
Cab driver saves family caught in house fire
May 21, 2015

If it wasn't for a passing cab driver, an Austin family might have died in a house fire. Matthew and Odessa Duncan, along with their three children, h...

Towson Graduation Reunites Fire Victim And Her Rescuer
Towson graduation reunites fire victim and her rescuer
May 21, 2015

When Ted Sutton closed his eyes and thought about Jacqueline Miller, a heartbreaking image would form in his mind. He'd see the beautiful little 5-yea...

The Worst Call: Firefighter Dad Unknowingly On Rescue Call For Drowned Son
The Worst Call: Firefighter dad unknowingly on rescue call for drowned son
May 20, 2015

Police said Justin Lee, 15, was swimming with four other teens at the isolated Gallitzin Township reservoir near Altoona on Monday when he disappeared...

Army Captain Rescues Three From Fiery Crash
Army Captain rescues three from fiery crash
May 19, 2015

Some are saying that an off-duty Army Captain is a hero after aiding in the rescue of three victims of a head on collision that ended in flames in Nor...

Toledo Fire Rescue Has An Amazing Photographer
Toledo Fire Rescue Has An Amazing Photographer
May 19, 2015

Toledo Fire and Rescue has an incredible photographer that somehow always manages to get that perfect shot....

Firefighter Recalls Moments Falling In Burning House
Firefighter recalls moments falling in burning house
May 19, 2015

The Matthews Fire Department lieutenant who fell through an attic while fighting a house fire talked with Channel 9 in an exclusive interview Sunday....

Firefighter Involved In Pay Scandal Will Not Get Job Back
Firefighter involved in pay scandal will not get job back
May 19, 2015

An arbitrator has ruled that the city of Cleveland had “clear and convincing evidence” in the firing of a firefighter involved in the recent pay scand...

Lewiston Life Savers Mark National EMS Week
Lewiston life savers mark National EMS Week
May 18, 2015

The Lewiston community came out to support its emergency responders and to kick off National EMS Week on Sunday. Lewiston resident Ione Kessler was ea...