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Documents: Winds Shifted Minutes Before Firefighters Killed
Documents: Winds shifted minutes before firefighters killed
Posted August 27, 2015

Seven minutes after a deputy radioed that the wind from a growing wildfire had shifted direction, dispatchers got a second call: A burn victim needed ...Full Story

AK Valley Firefighters Brush Up In High-rise Drill
AK Valley firefighters brush up in high-rise drill
August 27, 2015

Residents of the eight-floor building are now told to shelter in place -- that they're safer in their apartments with their concrete floors, walls and...

Darwin Award Contestant Breaks Into Home, Calls 911 To Prevent Stove Fire Instead Of Turning It Off
Darwin Award contestant breaks into home, calls 911 to prevent stove fire instead of turning it off
August 26, 2015

Comforting to know even some petty criminals deep-down, know the difference between right and wrong....

3 Worst Things About Being A Firefighter
3 Worst Things About being a Firefighter
August 26, 2015

When you pick your career you think about those things , but until you actually get the job and work in the field for a while you never really know wh...

Firefighter Weight Problems
Firefighter Weight Problems
August 25, 2015

More than 70% of the firefighters in the U.S. are considered obese....

Lawyer Buys Firetruck To Help Fight Okanogan Fires
Lawyer buys firetruck to help fight Okanogan fires
August 25, 2015

Alex Thomason, a lawyer and former Apprentice contestant, has taken matters into his own hands by purchasing a used fire truck from Skagit County Fire...

Calgary Fire Crew Reunites Man With Lost Phone, But Not Before Having A Little Fun On Facebook
Calgary Fire crew reunites man with lost phone, but not before having a little fun on Facebook
August 24, 2015

Calgary firefighters come up with clever plan to re-unite owner with his cellphone, using humorously crafted photos on facebook...

Firefighters Rescue 800-pound Woman From Apartment
Firefighters rescue 800-pound woman from apartment
August 23, 2015

Paramedics encountered problems when they tried to move the sick woman to the ambulance because she weighed over 800 pounds and was too heavy for them...

State Asks Citizens To Help Fight Wildfires
State asks citizens to help fight wildfires
August 22, 2015

In a historic move by the state of Washington, citizens are being asked to volunteer to help fight wildfires....

EDITORIAL: Firefighter Deaths Serve To Remind Us Of Dangers
EDITORIAL: Firefighter deaths serve to remind us of dangers
August 21, 2015

An already catastrophic fire season in Central Washington has now turned tragic. On Wednesday, news came that three firefighters lost their lives to a...

3 Firefighters Die In Washington Blaze After Vehicle Crashes
3 firefighters die in Washington blaze after vehicle crashes
August 20, 2015

Three firefighters died after their vehicle crashed and was likely caught by flames as they battled a blaze in Washington state, authorities said....