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Fire Union Says Volunteers Blocking Deployment To Rural Vic

Bureaucratic in-fighting and government stubbornness is putting fire protection for rural Victoria at risk, according to the firefighters' union. Unit...

17 July, 2009 | Written By AAP

Firefighters Union Fights Wage Cuts

Victorian firefighters are preparing to battle the state government over plans to slash their pay rises from 3.25 to 2.5 per cent. The plans, dropped...

31 March, 2009 | Written By AAP

Fire Union Calls For Cancer Cluster Monitoring

The United Firefighters Union wants ongoing monitoring of staff at the site of a cancer cluster in far north Queensland....

4 June, 2008 | Written By ABC News

Firefighters Disrupt Parliament In Pay Rise Protest

Fire trucks have lined Sydney's Macquarie Street in a noisy protest outside State Parliament over the Government's pay o...

4 June, 2008 | Written By ABC News

Firefighter's Dispute Hosed Down

The Firefighters Union in Tasmania expects to lift its industrial action on Friday morning. Work bans have been in place...

5 March, 2008 | Written By ABC News

Fire Chief Brushes Off No Confidence Motion

Tasmania's Chief Fire Officer says a vote of no confidence in him by members of the firefighters union hasn't changed hi...

26 February, 2008 | Written By ABC News

Tasmania's Firefighters Have Warned Protest Action Is Looming

Tasmania's firefighters have warned protest action is looming as they increase work bans from today. The escalating indu...

18 February, 2008 | Written By ABC News

NSW Firefighters Spark Industrial Action

NSW firefighters battling for a better wages deal will start industrial action on Thursday which their union says could...

13 February, 2008 | Written By The Age

Union Says Firefighters Clothing Is Unsafe

Melbourne firefighters are refusing to tackle blazes inside buildings, after a senior firefighter was injured in a facto...

17 October, 2007 | Written By ABC News

Firefighters End Industrial Action

Tasmanian firefighters are resuming their normal duties today, but have not ruled out further industrial action if talks...

25 July, 2007 | Written By ABC News

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