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Teen volunteer firefighters receive praise after saving victim’s life


Two high school seniors are making a difference in Rogersville, Ala., as volunteer firefighters.

The assistant chief said Tuesday Slade Sartain and Kaitlyn Hendrix are an important part of the volunteer force.

“We’ve had those for a few years and those young men and women play an integral part in helping save lives and property,” Rogersville Fire Department Assistant Chief Morris Lentz tells WHNT News.

Saving lives is part of the job. Thanks to some quick thinking and quality training, Rogersville resident Tyler Ezell is still alive to offer testimony about the two teens.

Ezell was home with his wife Katie when the unexpected happened. Ezell stood up then collapsed.

“He stood up and fell out. He fell all the way to my feet,” Katie tells WHNT.
Katie checked and said she couldn’t find a pulse.

WHNT reports the frantic call for help was relayed to the Rogersville Volunteer Fire Department. Sartain, one of their younger members, was in his personal car nearby and heard the call on his radio. He was only about a block away from the house and within two minutes of the call first going out, he was on the scene and had started CPR.

“I walked in and I saw Tyler on the ground, he was completely unconscious, he wasn’t breathing and he didn’t have a pulse,” Sartain tells WHNT. “I just thought back to the training the fire department has given me, and I started CPR on him.”

Within moments, his high school first responder partner Hendrix arrived and alerted others that CPR was in progress. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was rushed in to shock Ezell’s heart.

“We got some oxygen in him. We shocked him twice and we finally got a pulse back on him,” Sartain tells WHNT.


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