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U.K. Firefighters Help With Obese Patients

Paramedics in the West Midlands region of England say they have asked firefighters to lift extremely heavy people from their homes 50 times in recent...

5 October, 2012 | Written By United Press International

British Rescue Workers Find 1 Miner Dead
British rescue workers find 1 miner dead

LONDON - British rescue workers found one miner dead after searching a flooded coal mine in south Wales, but pressed on Friday with the search for thr...

16 September, 2011 | Written By Associated Press

Fire Service Spends Pounds 2.5m In Two Years Rescuing Stranded Animals

Racing pigeons stuck up chimneys, calves trapped in a storm drain and even a reindeer that got in a real tangle it is all in a day's work for Norther...

30 November, 2009 | Written By Belfast Telegraph

200 In UK Tourist Region Rescued From Floodwaters
200 in UK tourist region rescued from floodwaters

England - (Cockermouth) Britain's air force and emergency workers using inflatable boats rescued about 200 people Friday as rising floodwaters caused...

20 November, 2009 | Written By Associated Press

Firemen Rescue Reveller After Plunge

A woman who tried to slide down a 60ft rubbish chute got stuck halfway and had to be rescued by firefighters. She had climbed scaffolding ladders besi...

30 September, 2009 | Written By Daily Record

Man Dies After Ambulance Driver Detours

A man died after an ambulance driver allegedly detoured to get a new driver instead of going to the hospital, authorities in North Tees, England, said...

8 June, 2009 | Written By United Press International

Firefighters Free 22-Stone Woman From Bath

Firefighters were called out to free a 22-stone woman who was stuck in her bath for five hours. Rosemarie Batey (49), promised to lose weight after th...

5 May, 2009 | Written By Tom Wilkinson

UK Firefighters Respond To Car Into Building
UK Firefighters Respond To Car Into Building

ECFRS Firefighters are attending an incident in which a car has left the road and collided with a building. A team from the Urban Search and Rescue Te...

28 April, 2009 | Written By ECFRS

Fat Lot Of Good For Firefighter

Firefighters call-outs to lift fat people are costing the region hundreds of thousands of pounds. Figures released today reveal firemen had to free pe...

13 March, 2009 | Written By Lisa Hutchinson

Firefighters Rescue Pigs From Drowning In A Farm Slurry Tank

Nineteen pigs have been rescued from a slurry tank by firefighters during a dramatic operation on a County Londonderry farm. One pig drowned during th...

20 February, 2009 | Written By Victor Gordon

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