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British Rescue Workers Find 1 Miner Dead
British rescue workers find 1 miner dead

LONDON - British rescue workers found one miner dead after searching a flooded coal mine in south Wales, but pressed on Friday with the search for thr...

16 September, 2011 | Written By Associated Press

Inmates Riot At Low Security Prison In England
Inmates riot at low security prison in England

Rioting inmates caused heavy damage to a low-security prison Saturday, smashing windows and setting fires that engulfed buildings and spewed clouds of...

1 January, 2011 | Written By Associated Press

Fire Ravages UK Landmark Hastings Pier
Fire ravages UK landmark Hastings Pier

A landmark pier in southeastern England that once hosted a Rolling Stones concert was virtually destroyed in a fire Tuesday, probably marking an end t...

6 October, 2010 | Written By Associated Press

UK Firefighters Tackle Fire Involving 120,000 Vehicle Tyres
UK Firefighters tackle fire involving 120,000 vehicle tyres

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are still in attendance at a large tyre fire on White Lea Grove, Mexborough. Crews were initially called to the incide...

29 June, 2010 | Written By South Yorkshire Fire Rescue

UK Firefighters Tackle Suspicious Fire In Old Barracks
UK Firefighters tackle suspicious fire in old barracks

Firefighters are tackling a blaze in a derelict building measuring 15m by 30m. The officer in charge reports that the building is 25 percent alight an...

31 May, 2010 | Written By ECFRS

UK Firefighters Battle Workshop Fire
UK Firefighters Battle Workshop Fire

Firefighters have been called to a fire in a workshop a 100 percent alight, three vehicles and a take-away van are on fire. Crews wearing breathing ap...

25 April, 2010 | Written By ECFRS

Hampshire Fire And Rescue Service Statement
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Statement

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is now in a position to name the two firefighters who died in Southampton. Firefighter James Shears, aged 35 and Fir...

8 April, 2010 | Written By Hampshire Fire and Rescue

UK Firefighters Battle Thatched Roof Fire
UK Firefighters Battle Thatched roof fire

Firefighters battled a fire in a thatched roof of a detached cottage measuring 20 metres by eight metres on March 3rd. The officer in charge has repor...

7 March, 2010 | Written By ECFRS

UK Firefighters Battle Industrial Unit Fire
UK Firefighters Battle Industrial unit fire

Firefighters have been called to a disused industrial unit on fire. The single storey unit measures approximately 20 x 25m, crews are wearing breathin...

12 January, 2010 | Written By ECFRS

Large Fire Hits SE London
Large fire hits SE London

A fire has torn through several apartment blocks in southeast London. Police say that 310 people have been evacuated but that there are no serious inj...

26 November, 2009 | Written By Associated Press

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