Somerset, NJ (July 17, 2017) Bhrigus, Inc., a leading IT Services and Software Development firm, today announced that it has begun work on updating and improving the PageOut application for volunteer fire and emergency medical service members.

PageOut is a mobile and web app designed to allow volunteer departments to improve response times and manage their available personnel more efficiently and more effectively. PageOut was founded by a Veteran based out of Kansas who is currently functioning as a Fire Captain. The application was acquired by Oklahoma based Datassay. Datassay’s plan is to add some additional features and eliminate some of the bugs that are currently found in the application.

Bhrigus has been brought in to bring some of these key changes to fruition. Part of the plan is to integrate GPS location technology so emergency departments can actually see where their firefighters and EMS personnel are coming from when responding. The App is also being launched in several foreign markets and will require changes to certain features and language adaption. In addition there will be several other additions and changes that will help local fire departments and EMS departments identify, plan and mitigate various risks in an effort to reduce response times.

Sri Velaga of Bhrigus, Inc. stated, ‘We are extremely pleased to be working on such an exciting project. Helping improve PageOut and in turn helping the communities that are using the app is a source of great pride for Bhrigus. We look forward to continuing to develop and improve this app.

About Bhrigus

Bhrigus has been in business for over twelve years and is a Global Services and Solutions provider of Voice and Speech based technology offerings and Enterprise Solutions. With offices in India, UK and USA, Bhrigus has been catering to the requirements of Global organizations in rolling out multi-location technology solutions. Bhrigus provides speech recognition, interactive voice response, cloud based business solutions, business intelligence andata analytics solutions. Bhrigus provides enterprise management solutions to help global corporations achieve sustainable and competitive growth. Bhrigus’ consultants work with the clients to design, develop and manage their Enterprise applications, Data analytic solutions and solutions based on cloud platforms and software. Bhrigus’ solutions team approaches every engagement under the supervision of domain experts who understand the industry, its many processes and the technology behind them. Bhrigus isan SEI CMM Level 4 and ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Bhrigus solutions enable a rapid return on investment using the global delivery model. Our solutions enable our customers by improving their profitability, increasing their revenues, reducing operating costs and improving customer satisfaction.

About Pageout

Pageout is a revolutionary emergency response management system of networked mobile applications that allows users within each responding department to seamlessly update their members with the touch of a few buttons. Pageout is volunteer emergency services answer to on-call availability. Pageout is a mobile application for Fire and EMS services that is able to give each responder instant access, via their smart phones to know who is and who is not available to respond to an emergency call. The Pageout user can page-in and page-out from this application, updating the entire department’s network of applications faster than a text message. Emergency services departments must ensure that when the call goes out, the staffing is adequate to respond to that call. This system allows for instant assessment of departmental needs. If adequate staffing isn’t available, department leadership can call for additional alarms or mutual aid immediately, instead of waiting to arrive on scene increasing the likelihood of saving lives. Pageout is a wholly owned subsidiary of Datassay, Inc an Oklahoma based technology Organization. You can sign up for the service by visiting

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Stuart Fine
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