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Top Stories - 7 October, 2015

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Hot Air Balloon Bursts Into Flames In NZ; 11 Dead
Hot air balloon bursts into flames in NZ; 11 dead
Posted 6 January, 2012

A hot air balloon carrying 11 people turned into a horrifying tower of sheer flame Saturday after hitting power lines near a rural New Zealand town, police and witnesses said. All aboard were killed in the deadliest air ... Full Story

Drunk Drives Through New Zeland Fire Scene

A drunk, unlicensed woman drove through an emergency services cordon in the early hours of Saturday morning as fire fighters battled a suspicious blaz...

23 September, 2013 | Topix - Strange News | Written By MATT BOWEN

Massive Blaze Hits New Zealand's Auckland

Four buildings were on fire and several people unaccounted for in a massive blaze that was tearing through properties in central Auckland on Saturday...

4 March, 2013 | Topix - Fire | Written By Xinhua News

28 New Zealand Gold Miners Rescued After Fire

Rescuers saved 28 miners who were trapped underground for up to seven hours on Tuesday as smoke from a truck engine fire spread through the gold mine...

17 July, 2012 | Topix - Fire | Written By Associated Press

Helicopter Crashes Installing Christmas Tree In NZ
Helicopter crashes installing Christmas tree in NZ

A helicopter helping install a Christmas tree on Auckland's waterfront has crashed in dramatic fashion, but the pilot escaped serious injury. Footage...

23 November, 2011 | Topix - Fire | Written By Associated Press

2 Bodies Pulled From NZ Quake Rubble
2 bodies pulled from NZ quake rubble

Recovery teams pulled two more bodies from the rubble of one of the worst-hit buildings in last week's earthquake in New Zealand, raising the conf...

4 March, 2011 | Topix - Rescue | Written By Associated Press

New Zealand Quake Toll Rises To 113 Dead
New Zealand quake toll rises to 113 dead

A woman plucked from a building that collapsed in this week's earthquake went ahead with her planned wedding Friday a bright spot in Christchurch...

25 February, 2011 | Topix - Rescue | Written By Associated Press

NZ Earthquake Death Toll At 75 As Search Continues
NZ earthquake death toll at 75 as search continues

Some screamed from inside collapsed buildings. One woman used her mobile phone to call her children to say goodbye. Others tapped on the rubble to com...

22 February, 2011 | Topix - Rescue | Written By Associated Press

Robot To Enter NZ Mine To Take Photos, Air Samples
Robot to enter NZ mine to take photos, air samples

Rescue officials on Monday were preparing to send a high-tech robot into a mine tunnel to transmit pictures and assess toxic gas levels three days aft...

21 November, 2010 | Topix - Rescue | Written By Associated Press

Powerful 7.1 Quake Hits New Zealand's South Island
Powerful 7.1 quake hits New Zealand's South Island

A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake damaged buildings, cut power and knocked fleeing residents off their feet on New Zealand's South Island early Satu...

4 September, 2010 | Topix - Rescue | Written By Associated Press

3 Dead When New Zealand Military Chopper Crashes

Three airmen are dead and a fourth seriously hurt after a New Zealand military helicopter en route to a military memorial flyover crashed on farmland...

25 April, 2010 | Topix - Rescue | Written By Associated Press

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