Denver Firefighters -in fact, firefighters in all of Colorado- are gearing up for 4/20 as a predicted rash of marijuana usage/growing fire incidents are expected to smoke up the state more than normal.

According to Denver Fire Department Technician Mark Rudolph, discarded refrigerators -used by pot growers as a way to cool their concoctions- are often confused for Improvised Explosive Devices.

“We kept finding these, and naturally, the assumption was there some sort of explosive device in there. Turned out it was just from the fumes from a process from hours before,” he said.

In addition, facilities often break fire codes by ensuring doors stay locked, which can present a hazard by hindering emergency escape.

“That’s one of our constant watch-outs during an inspection — making sure that all the doors that need to open in an emergency can.”

According to the Denver Channel, makeshift wiring causes fire hazards as well.

“We end up with maze-like construction, some substandard construction,” said Rudolph.


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