A Missouri man working for the Kansas City Fire Department is being slapped with animal cruelty-related charges after leaving his Labrador to die in a cage after he was evicted from his apartment.

25-year-old Blayne Trevor Theunissen is being charged with misdemeanor animal neglect and animal abuse after his dog was found dead inside of a crate, tucked away in the bedroom closet of the empty apartment.

Animal control personnel made the grisly find on September 27, twenty days after the eviction had taken place.

The victim was a female chocolate Labrador retriever mix, who after postmortem examination was discovered to be severely emaciated at the time of her death, with a “body condition score of 1/9.”

Theunissen has been unreachable by local media and the KCFD has declined to comment on the matter.

“At this time, Blayne Theunissen is refusing to cooperate with the investigation involving animal abuse and neglect,” the Fox40 investigator said in his report.

The firefighter was given the eviction notice on June 30, according to apartment management.