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Top Stories - April 25, 2015

Grand Jury Declines To Indict Akron Firefighter For Crack
Grand jury declines to indict Akron firefighter for crack
Posted April 24, 2015

Drug charges against an Akron firefighter have been dismissed after a county grand jury declined to issue a felony indictment. ... Full Story

Arson Arrest Made In Fire From Viral Video
Arson arrest made in fire from viral video
April 24, 2015

Investigators say a woman arrested for a fire that severely injured a Fresno fire captain has a history with fire....

Bus Carrying 50 Students On Interstate 70 Catches Fire
Bus carrying 50 students on Interstate 70 catches fire
April 23, 2015

A tour bus taking middle school students home from a trip to Washington, D.C. bursts into flames on Interstate 70 in Washington County....

Firefighters, Police Hit The Ice For Ailing Kids
Firefighters, police hit the ice for ailing kids
April 23, 2015

A crowd of 6,500 people gathered at the Verizon Wireless arena to watch firefighters and police officers from across the state take the ice for a full...

Teaneck Firefighter Suspended Once Again, For Picking Up Pizza, Hammering Nails
Teaneck firefighter suspended once again, for picking up pizza, hammering nails
April 23, 2015

Teaneck Firefighter Lt. Lad Bell will once again be on suspension when he returns to work in June after recovering from an arm injury....

Video News: Arnold Firefighter Falls From Truck In Freak Accident After Latch Breaks
Video News: Arnold firefighter falls from truck in freak accident after latch breaks
April 22, 2015

An Arnold firefighter fell several feet out of a firetruck to the ground Tuesday, on his way to the scene of a fire, injuring himself....

Local Runners Relish Boston Despite Wet, Windy Conditions
Local runners relish Boston despite wet, windy conditions
April 20, 2015

A banner honoring those killed at the 2013 Boston Marathon, and in the immediate aftermath, is draped on the front of Boston Fire Department's Engine...

Fire Captain Charged After Allegedly Beating Up Firefighter Girlfriend
Fire Captain Charged After Allegedly Beating Up Firefighter Girlfriend
April 21, 2015

A Kansas City, Kansas Firefighter has been charged with battery for allegedly beating up his coworker. Anthony Mots was arrested Friday on connection...

Franklin Police Officers Rescue Woman From Burning Home
Franklin police officers rescue woman from burning home
April 17, 2015

Franklin police officers rescue elderly woman from burning home. Just before midnight on Wednesday, Franklin police officers rescued an elderly woman...

Lady Antebellum Tour Bus Catches Fire En Route To ACM Awards
Lady Antebellum Tour Bus Catches Fire En Route to ACM Awards
April 16, 2015

Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott, her husband Chris Tyrell, their tour manager and driver were just about 45 minutes from AT&T Stadium, home to th...

Manhole Cover Sent Flying By Blast Is Caught On Video
Manhole cover sent flying by blast is caught on video
April 15, 2015

Authorities say an underground electrical fire is being blamed for an explosion that sent a manhole cover flying more than 200 feet above a Buffalo st...

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