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Top Stories - August 4, 2015

Five FDNY Firefighters Filing Suit Over Their Sore, Damaged Digits
Five FDNY Firefighters filing suit over their sore, damaged digits
Posted August 4, 2015

Some of New York’s Bravest are giving their new trucks a thumbs down.... Full Story

Grill Safely
Grill Safely
August 3, 2015

There are over 8000 home fires a year that are caused by grills....

Firefighters Can No Longer Cover Shifts For Cancer-stricken Colleague
Firefighters can no longer cover shifts for cancer-stricken colleague
August 3, 2015

A fire crew in Saskatchewan, Canada came together to support their co-worker inflicted with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by covering his shifts so he would rece...

Fire Investigators Probe Two Blazes At Same House In Six Hours
Fire investigators probe two blazes at same house in six hours
August 2, 2015

wo fires at the same location in the La Cresta/Alta Vista neighborhood within six hours Friday evening and early Saturday caused an estimated $150,000...

Firefighter Killed Battling Blaze In California Forest
Firefighter killed battling blaze in California forest
August 1, 2015

A U.S. Forest Service firefighter from South Dakota has been killed battling one of more than a dozen wildfires raging across California....

Atlanta Firefighters' Vehicles Targeted By Thieves
Atlanta firefighters' vehicles targeted by thieves
July 31, 2015

Police say thieves looted four pickups outside Fire Station No. 11 at Atlantic Station early Tuesday morning. Officials say that station has been hit...

Detroit Firefighter Couldn't Save His Own Home From Fire
Detroit firefighter couldn't save his own home from fire
July 31, 2015

Donavan Dickerson is used to being called on by others to put out fires. He has been a firefighter since April 2014. The call he received Tuesday nigh...

Lifeless Kitten Saved With Special Oxygen Mask
Lifeless kitten saved with special oxygen mask
July 30, 2015

Cute cat recovering after being revived with a special oxygen mask following a house fire in New Orleans...

$75,000 Total Offered To Catch San Bernardino County Warns Of Drone Crackdown
$75,000 total offered to catch San Bernardino County warns of drone crackdown
July 30, 2015


Police, Firefighters, & Soldiers Battle In Homeland Security Dance Off
Police, Firefighters, & Soldiers Battle in Homeland Security Dance Off
July 29, 2015

Cops, Firefighters, Soldiers, and Medics battle it out in this epic dance off. Who will win?...

Silly Nonsense In The Fire Department
Silly Nonsense in the Fire Department
July 29, 2015

After working for a while in any job you notice some pretty silly things that go on. And, since we have a lot of free time in the fire service that m...

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