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Product: 1.5" NH / NST / NPSH Gasket
Price: $1.40
Description: Replacement rubber gaskets are for female couplings and or adapters.

Product: 2.5" NH / NST / NPSH Gasket
Price: $2.95
Description: These gaskets are for female couplings or adapters that are standard "fire hose thread" identified at NH or NST.

Product: 4" Storz Pressure Gasket
Price: $7.38
Description: 4 inch Storz Pressure Gasket.

Product: 5" Storz Pressure Gasket
Price: $8.75
Description: 5 inch Storz Pressure Gasket. Washers Are Used On The Female Swivel End Of A Fire Hose.

Storz Spray Lubricant
Product: Storz Spray Lubricant
Price: $28.95
Description: ST2 dry lubricant for both storz and threaded couplings, fittings, adapters and other parts in a 12 ounce bottle.