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Caps and Plugs

Product: Aluminum 2 1/2" NH / NST Plug with Chain
Price: $25.97
Description: Aluminum 2 1/2 Inch NH / NST Plug Rocker Lug With Chain

Aluminum 4
Product: Aluminum 4" Storz Cap with Cable
Price: $64.50
Description: Aluminum 1.5 inch storz cap with cable. This cover will provide protection for the standpipe FDC connection.

Product: Red Head 5" Storz Cap with Cable
Price: $78.61
Description: 5" Storz Aluminum Storz Cap with a Cable

Product: Red Head Aluminum 2 1/2" NH / NST Cap
Price: $23.66
Description: Red Head Brass 2.5 Inch NH / NST Rocker Lug Cap.