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Hose Packs and Straps

150 Foot Hose Strap
Product: 150 Foot Hose Strap
Price: $76.29
Description: This strap securely holds 50', 100' or 150' of 1 3/4" double jacketed fire hose, the most commonly used attack hose in the fire service.

Product: 36" Milwaukee Strap Hose Pack
Price: $133.33
Description: This highly durable Milwaukee hose pack constructed of heavy 22 oz. reinforced vinyl with double thickness side, bottom and ends keep your hose in an attack ready condition.

Cleveland Grip Hose Pack
Product: Cleveland Grip Hose Pack
Price: $59.85
Description: The Cleveland Grip Hose pack is constructed of three durable nylon webbing straps, and are connected together by and carrying handle.

Cleveland Hose Straps
Product: Cleveland Hose Straps
Price: $34.05
Description: Set of 3 Nylon webbing straps used for highrise hose or standpipe packs. Will hold up to 100 feet of fire hose.

Double Donut Strap
Product: Double Donut Strap
Price: $74.62
Description: The Double donut strap is designed to easily carry two 50 foot sections of 1 3/4" fire hose.

Gripper Hose System
Product: Gripper Hose System
Price: $126.99
Description: The Gripper Hose System consists of three heavy duty nylon straps with a padded shoulder sling, all sewn together with a cross piece to create a hose harness for Highrise kits and Standpipe fire hose.

Hose Wrapper
Product: Hose Wrapper
Price: $22.28
Description: The Hose Wrapper is a single strap used to hold highrise kits and standpipe fire hose packs in an easy to carry load.

Large Diameter Hose Strap
Product: Large Diameter Hose Strap
Price: $59.95
Description: The Made in the USA Large Diameter Hose Strap (LDHS) assists in getting large diameter hose off the hose bed for attachment to a water source safely, and allowing the engine to proceed for fire operations.

Nylon Spanner Belt
Product: Nylon Spanner Belt
Price: $54.34
Description: The Milwaukee Spanner belt was Milwaukee firefighters. It can carry your axe and can couple hoses.

Single Gripper Strap Set of 4
Product: Single Gripper Strap Set of 4
Price: $86.45
Description: The Single Gripper Strap is an individual nylon strap, which is best used in a series of four. These straps consist of stainless steel buckles, which can be operated in the dark with gloves on.