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Fire News

Tanker Driven Through Bay Door During Firehouse Fire
Tanker driven through bay door during firehouse fire
Posted August 31, 2015

First responders in Wayne County had to save their own firehouse from completely going up in flames, when fire broke out at their station three weeks ...Full Story

Fire Victims Spearheads Opening Of First Fire Station In Davilla
Fire Victims Spearheads Opening Of First Fire Station In Davilla
August 30, 2015

The department says with this new station they hope to cut arrival times by at least 10 minutes....

Darwin Award Contestant Breaks Into Home, Calls 911 To Prevent Stove Fire Instead Of Turning It Off
Darwin Award contestant breaks into home, calls 911 to prevent stove fire instead of turning it off
August 26, 2015

Comforting to know even some petty criminals deep-down, know the difference between right and wrong....

Lawyer Buys Firetruck To Help Fight Okanogan Fires
Lawyer buys firetruck to help fight Okanogan fires
August 25, 2015

Alex Thomason, a lawyer and former Apprentice contestant, has taken matters into his own hands by purchasing a used fire truck from Skagit County Fire...

State Asks Citizens To Help Fight Wildfires
State asks citizens to help fight wildfires
August 22, 2015

In a historic move by the state of Washington, citizens are being asked to volunteer to help fight wildfires....

3 Firefighters Die In Washington Blaze After Vehicle Crashes
3 firefighters die in Washington blaze after vehicle crashes
August 20, 2015

Three firefighters died after their vehicle crashed and was likely caught by flames as they battled a blaze in Washington state, authorities said....

Three Missing, One Critically Injured After Motel 6 Gas Leak Explosion
Three missing, one critically injured after Motel 6 gas leak explosion
August 19, 2015

A gas leak explosion at a Motel 6 in a Seattle, Wash., suburb caused a partial building collapse and injured at least one person as three others remai...

FDNY Livid NYPD Didn't Warn They Were Rushing Into A Gang Member's House, Leading To Shooting
FDNY livid NYPD didn't warn they were rushing into a gang member's house, leading to shooting
August 19, 2015

FDNY firefighters are fuming that the New York Police Department, who called the Fire Department to the scene, did not properly alert them that an arm...

Maryland Firefighter Shot
Maryland firefighter shot
August 17, 2015

A Baltimore City firefighter was one of two people shot on Friday afternoon near a Baltimore fire station....

Mayor De Blasio Facing Criticism For Handling Of Firefighter Shooting
Mayor de Blasio facing criticism for handling of firefighter shooting
August 16, 2015

The mayor of New York City is being criticized for the way he handled a recent crisis....

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