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Is FDNY Coddling Cadet Who Failed Her Way Into $81,000 Desk Job?
Is FDNY coddling cadet who failed her way into $81,000 desk job?
Posted July 27, 2015

Maybe third time's a charm for Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder — one of four women among 320 current FDNY recruits in training -- who had to drop out of the ...Full Story

Small Act Of Kindness Leads Community Of Firefighters To Bigger Cause
Small act of kindness leads community of firefighters to bigger cause
July 26, 2015

"Your breakfast is on me today. Thank you for all that you do, for serving us and for running into the places everyone runs away from. No matter your...

New Jersey Warehouse Fire So Large Smoke Visible From Space
 New Jersey warehouse fire so large smoke visible from space
July 22, 2015

A large warehouse fire in central New Jersey that was fueled by plastics, autos and household goods sent plumes of black smoke into the air Wednesday...

California Bill Aims To Allow Firefighters To Take Down Rogue Drones
California bill aims to allow firefighters to take down rogue drones
July 21, 2015

Several lawmakers are taking steps to stop drones from interfering in firefighting efforts after several incidents in California....

Suspicious Fire Under Investigation In South Philadelphia
Suspicious Fire Under Investigation In South Philadelphia
July 19, 2015


Fire Forces Drivers To Abandon Vehicles And Flee For Safety
Fire forces drivers to abandon vehicles and flee for safety
July 18, 2015

Helicopters have been dumping water on burning cars after drivers in California were forced to make a hasty retreat from a wildfire....

Firefighter Dies From Injuries Received After Falling Through Skylight
Firefighter dies from injuries received after falling through skylight
July 16, 2015

A Denver firefighter who fell through a skylight, while battling a blaze last month, has died...

Vallejo Firefighters Commended For Life-saving Work
Vallejo firefighters commended for life-saving work
July 16, 2015

Engineer Matt Ceballos, firefighter Anthony Shair-Ali and Captain Dan Sarna were given commendations for their actions at an Aug. 5 fire in 2014....

Canadian Fire Department "Hanging On By A Thread" Thanks To Budget Deficits
Canadian fire department
July 15, 2015

Canada’s First Nations fire departments throughout the entire country are severely underfunded, and it is beginning to take its toll....

Fire Stations Out West Facing Major Shortages This Wildfire Season
Fire Stations out West facing major shortages this wildfire season
July 14, 2015

The Fire department in Spokane, Washington is in need of more volunteer firefighters, as the busy fire season is well underway and they’re battling mu...

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