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New Zealand Fire News

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Massive Blaze Hits New Zealand's Auckland

Four buildings were on fire and several people unaccounted for in a massive blaze that was tearing through properties in central Auckland on Saturday...

4 March, 2013 | Written By Xinhua News

28 New Zealand Gold Miners Rescued After Fire

Rescuers saved 28 miners who were trapped underground for up to seven hours on Tuesday as smoke from a truck engine fire spread through the gold mine...

17 July, 2012 | Written By Associated Press

Helicopter Crashes Installing Christmas Tree In NZ
Helicopter crashes installing Christmas tree in NZ

A helicopter helping install a Christmas tree on Auckland's waterfront has crashed in dramatic fashion, but the pilot escaped serious injury. Footage...

23 November, 2011 | Written By Associated Press

Kiwi Rural Fire Fighters Return From NSWRFS NAVEX
Kiwi Rural Fire fighters return from NSWRFS NAVEX

A team of 9 volunteer Rural Fire Fighters from Fire Rescue New Zealand and the Rodney District Council Rural Fire Authority recently returned from par...

11 July, 2009 | Written By CFO Simon Osborne

Firefighters Rescue Man In Pooh-Esque Bind

New Zealand authorities said they freed a man stuck like Winnie-the-Pooh in his electric dryer while trying to retrieve a pair of underpants. Senior C...

22 June, 2009 | Written By United Press International

NZ Firefighters Salvage Victoria National Park

A popular Australian national park ravaged by the Victorian bushfires has reopened with the help of Kiwi fire experts. The South Island members of a 5...

27 March, 2009 | Written By Marc Greenhill

Arsons Spark Police To Ask Public For Help

New Plymouth CIB are calling for the public to help it protect the community after fire bugs put people's lives at risk at the weekend. New Plymouth f...

17 March, 2009 | Written By Lyn Humphreys

Fighting On The Frontlines

One day he's helping to fight the Victoria bushfires, beating back flames and dodging falling trees in the searing heat. The next, he's back in the Po...

13 March, 2009 | Written By Michelle Duff

Plan For A Regional Split Worries City Firefighters

The firefighters' union says a national review of the fire service could leave Hamilton short of senior people to cope with major blazes. Under the ch...

26 February, 2009 | Written By Belinda Feek

NZ Firefighters Protect Water

New Zealand firefighters, battling the Australian bushfires, yesterday stepped in to protect Melbourne's water supply from devastation. The Kiwi crew...

17 February, 2009 | Written By The Press

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