Firefighters from the Massachusetts town of Springfield came to the rescue of two elderly women who found themselves stranded in a frigid and flooded cemetery on Sunday afternoon.

After their car had stalled, the two women -aged 87 and 89- found themselves marooned in the icy flood waters, which rose over the bumper of their vehicle.

Trapped and unable to safely exit the vehicle, the elderly ladies dialed 911 and were soon assisted by the men of the Springfield Fire Department.

According to NBC4i, firefighters arrived at the Saint Michael’s Cemetery and quickly got to work, braving frigid waters to rescue the two old ladies.

One firefighter -who was wading through icy water that went past his knees- left his helmet on the hood of the car as he carried the women to safety on his back.

Both women were removed safely and did not sustain any injuries.

Recent downpours in the area resulted in heavy flooding, which has caused some damage and urgent situations requiring emergency services.