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Firefighters post on Snapchat gets them fired


Five Texas firefighters were fired and one suspended after a video surfaced of a Westfield fire department rookie being hazed.

In the five-minute-long video (which was leaked to the news) the rookie was reportedly strapped to a spine backboard and doused with water and condiments, crying and screaming.

“Dude, you’re crying. You want to quit, just say it,” one firefighter is heard saying on the video.

“Hey, y’all, don’t be putting this (expletive) on social media,” another man said.

When asked if he recognized the firefighter (who was being hazed at the main station), Westfield Fire Chief Stephen Whitehead replied “Yeah, he’s a rookie. Actually, he just got off rookie status.”

“It’s totally unacceptable,” Whitehead said. “I mean, that’s dangerous, you could injure him. I’ve never seen that degree of hazing before, or harassment, never.”

According to KPRC, Whitehead sent them an email reading that, “one volunteer was suspended indefinitely, and five part time firefighters were terminated.”


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