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Fire Department Information

Bewdley Fire Department

Headquarters Address: 5125 Main Street
Bewdley, ON  K0L 1E0
Mailing Address: ,  
Fire Department Type:
Number of Stations: 1
Population Served:
Number of Personnel:
Annual Calls:
Business Phone:
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Email Address:
Web Site:
Radio Frequencies:

Description of Fire Department: The Township of Hamilton has three Fire Departments in Baltimore, Bewdley and Harwood to provide an effective fire service within the Township. We are very fortunate to have 60 volunteer firefighters who dedicate their time and efforts to ensure that the community receives the best service possible. It is their commitment to the community that clearly stands out.

The majority of their calls result from requests for emergency medical assistance. They are normally the first to arrive and provide assistance. They are also called for emergencies relating to vehicle accidents, structure fires, grass or rubbish fires, water rescues, downed hydro lines and other alarms.

In addition to all of the above, they also focus on fire prevention and public awareness through contact with schools, community events, direct contact and other programs.
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